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Sylvanian Collectors Come & Play

Hi all,

I have added a new tab in the column on the right which listed the sites of Sylvanian collectors I read. If you would like me to add you, pls drop a note in the chatterbox with your site link. You can add me if you would like to as well. ^ ^

Happy Sylvanian-ing till the next time!

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Sisters' Tale

Hi all,

this entry on the Dream House is actually taken off my blog which i posted last year. I actually named the characters in this entry after my sisters and me, illustrating some of the things we would have loved to do in the real life.


:::My Dream House:::

In my dream house, I would be hanging out with my family or close friends, doing what I like to do...

**The Attic**

Ling Bunny is in the attic, her working area. She has just made a new pink dress and is holding it up for you to see. Her working area holds the brain of her creations, and is a place she spends long periods of time in, coming up with pretty stuff. Her dream is to own a label making pretty clothes for plus-sized girls, she wants them to be able to wear pretty stuff that they used to only be able to envy their slimmer counterparts wear, which will make them feel like princesses too.

Ling Bunny's little working table. The pink cover covers her sewing machine which has been a gift to her from her aunt. It is ancient but has made many pretty clothes from her aunt's generation to the present.

Sometimes she likes to sit in the corner and do some sewing. Cross-stitch is an art her mother has taught her from young, to cultivate patience. She also likes to make little keepsakes for her friends here. The heart-shaped cushion is something she has made herself.

This is her fashion dressing room area. All the dresses and clothes on display are her own creations.

An overview of Ling Bunny in the attic.

**The Kitchen**

Feng Kitty enjoys cooking. She enjoys experimenting with recipes and cooking for her loved ones. The kitchen is her haven, a simmering brew of good food cooking and warm pastries and cakes baking. It is the nicest-smelling room in the whole house.

She is making chicken and vegetable stew for lunch-- a new recipe she is trying out. Look at her concentrated gaze on the recipe on the wall! She does not want her stew to go wrong=). At the same time, the chocolate muffins she has been baking for teatime are ready, and she is removing them from the oven. ooh.. hot!!

Feng Kitty's little haven... she always keep it neat so that it is easy for her to find the utensils and ingredients.

This island, an extra cooking area, has been set up by Ling Bunny for her. This is because the house will have gatherings and parties at times and the stove may not be enough to cook for all the people, and Feng Kitty enjoys letting her guests taste her home-made cooking. On normal days, she can invite her friends over to cook and experiment with her.

A close-up of the baking table.. Feng Kitty is making a lava cake next! yum yum!

A close-up of the island...

A close-up of the bread Feng bakes for breakfast everyday... doesn't it smell warm and fresh?

A breakfast tray containing all the essentials for breakfast: bread bin, coffee pot, a thermos flask, jars of jam, mugs and eating utensils.

The table spread with breakfast: A fruit juice blender, glasses, a pot of homemade strawberry jam, crispy toasted bread and an omelette!

Feng Kitty prefers to grow her own food, vegetables that is. So there is a glasshouse set aside in the house for her to grow her own garden. (Actually the reason why i use a glasshouse concept is also because I don't have the Sylvanian Garden set.)

The vegetable patch.. fresh lettuce, pumpkins, carrots and corn! Makes for a delicious salad too!

The strawberry plants and spice garden...

**The Bedroom & Relax corner**

In Sylvania, hard work should always be accompanied with good rest, so alot of emphasis is placed on rest and relaxation as well=)

Ling Bunny's bedroom. The bedside table holds a jug and bowl for washing-up purposes. The room is simply furnished.

A Relax corner is attached to the bedroom overseeing the countryside. Ying Cat likes to sit in the rocking chair with the heart-shaped cushion (also made by Ling Bunny) and read fashion magazines while looking out of the window at the wonderful view of the countryside. A small coffee-table stands at her side, holding a mug of freshly-brewed coffee and little biscuits and chocolates made by Feng Kitty.

A close-up of the sideboard... the coffee equipment stands on it. Quality coffee beans are used in the house so the coffee made is always very fragrant. the sideboard also holds precious crystal glasses on display but are not very visible here.

**The Study Area**

Ling Bunny is still schooling.. at the Sylvania School of Art and Fashion. She takes her studies very seriously. The quaint little oak desk has been made by her daddy for her.

A matching chest of drawers set also made by her daddy for her...

Ling Bunny loves variety in her things, so she has alot of accessories, bags and clothes. These are some of her favourite bags=)

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sylvanian Baby Nursery

:: My Baby Room::

I made this baby nursery room out of the Sylvanian Market Shop.

Sylvanian Baby Nursery is run by Mother Shirley Squirrel and Mother Hello Kitty. This place is for busy mummies of Sylvania Land to place their precious babies under the safe and loving care of the 2 capable Mothers whilst they are at work. Sylvanian babies like to gather at Baby Nursery as they have many little playmates to play with. (^v^)

Mother Shirley Squirrel went to fetch the Beagle babies from Mummy Betty Beagle. They love riding in their pram to the Sylvanian Baby Nursery to play with their friends.

Mother Hello Kitty watches on fondly at the children as they play.

The Mice babies love crawling around in the cot for their own amusement.

Mummy Catherine Cottontail Bunny carries in her baby, saying, "Please, Mother Shirley Squirrel and Mother Hello Kitty, can you help me look after my babies whilst I go marketing for my family at the Sylvanian Market. It's Market Day today."

No Problem at all! The Mothers are always ready to help=)

Baby Bunny is already riding happily on his favourite toy in the nursery--the rocking-horse.

Little Bunny Twin watches on from her pink baby pram at the scenes going on in the nursery curiously.

Baby Kitten sleeps with her favourite bunny toy in the nursery.

The children take turns pushing the trolley toy. Mother Hello Kitty has taught them how to share their toys with one another. =)

Baby Squirrel and Baby Bunny likes the toy piano and toy train.

Mother Hello Kitty (this toy was given my own mother on my 12th birthday!=))

The Baby Necessities Corner

The Babies' clothes and towels has to be kept clean and fresh and neat in the chest-of-drawers.

The Baby Nappy Changing Corner (Idea gotten from the Nappy-changing area in the Ladies' Washroom for mothers and their babies)

The Toys-and-Stories Corner.

It is always a busy day at Sylvanian Baby Nursery.

Teatime treat for the children.

Flower party! Let's Play!

Will post other pics another day!=)

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*~History of my Sylvanian Journey~*

I decided to set up a blog showcasing my Sylvanian Families collection. I started collecting in 2006 where I bought the older versions of the Sylvanian Families toys from sellers who want to let go of them. To this day, i still much prefer the older versions cos i feel much more care is given to the making the details of the toys--they are so very intricate and exquisite. I also like some of the newer versions like the Patisserie shop.

I was v lucky to get some of the older sets, unopened and unplayed with, at low prices like 20-40 bucks from some sellers on the now-defunct Yahoo!SG Auctions for the shops and furniture sets, and less than 10dollars for the smaller toys. However i have to pay more for some of my older sets. I was also lucky that my family financed some of my toys--my sisters bought me the Patisserie shop, and my mum the Big Green House on the Hill. This is not a cheap hobby but i love every minute as it gives me the joy of reliving my childhood dream of owning a doll house and the animals and intricate furniture and shops make me v happy.

In the first entry, I will post up some pictures I took last year of my displays. I used to put them out in the open, as i did not have a display cupboard before this year, and so i have to clean up my toys regularly, as they get dusty v quickly. Fortunately, with the advice of Kiki and other collectors on her message board, i got some ideas from them on how to protect my collection. As soon as i can, i will purchase shelves to house my collection. I already have a beautiful display cupboard but the shelves are not large enough to house some of my larger toys such as the Green House on the Hill.

I neglected my collection for a period of time this year, when i started working. Recently I bought another load of older Sylvanian toys which I have been eyeing for a long time from this seller called Belle where the Sylvanian toys are her pre-loves. She had some sets i have been wanting for very long--such as the Village Kitchen, Village Bakery and Red Roof House with Attic--all in the Japan Epoch version, my fave version. I bought the Village Bakery in the US version from another seller prior to this, but i like it so much that i bought the Japan version from Belle as well. Anyway Sylvanian food toys are my faves. ('v*)v

Because of these buys, my Sylvanian craze is once again inspired and I am going to spend time decorating my sets. In the meantime, enjoy the pics! Apologies for some which are not so well-taken.

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